To be a successful entrepreneur in the cell phone repair business there are some things that must be in place. Like every other business, you can’t wake up and launch out and expect to get the best results.

Getting Trained

The first thing that should come to mind when planning to have a profession in cell phone repairs is to first learn how to. You can decide to go learn the profession from a well-established professional in the business which is the best way to learn and this is where Slot Academy comes in. In 6 months, you can boast of having adequate knowledge to tackle the most common faults a phone could develop.

There are lots of mobile phone brands in Nigeria which have a different setups that set them apart from each other. When any of these brands develop a fault, different methods for repairs are required for different brands. Also, there are lots of faults that phones may develop in the long run. These faults may result from poor use by the owner, or a software issue due to old age and conditions.

These factors are considered when trying to make repairs on any brand of device you come across. Some of the most common faults you see around include Broken screens, spoilt mouthpieces, faulty microphones, broken casings, Virus attacks, broken Sim slots, spoilt power buttons, and so on. Some of these faults are some you are conversant with as a user of mobile phones. So, while learning, you will always find interesting things about how to diagnose a faulty phone, and the required steps to fix it.


Another way of learning about the trade is on an online platform like YouTube. Here you can find several videos that give virtual training on how to fix phones.

Knowing the Phone Brands for Repairs

Like noted earlier in this article, different brands of phones require different methods for repairs due to the different setups and architectures of these devices. The way you will repair a Samsung device will be completely different from how you repair an Apple product, which is of course more expensive and harder in fixing. You can decide to specialize in Android brands like Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, itel, Gionee, and so on. You might decide to focus on Apple devices which of course, only a select few of the Nigerian population possess, or you can specialize in Java phones like Nokia. Combining knowledge and specializing in 2 or more brands will go a long way in helping you gain more customers, earn more, and increase your proficiency in the profession.

Tools and Equipment

Mobile phone repairs require tools that will help you dismantle phones, make repairs, and assemble them after the required repairs have been executed. Without these tools, it is almost impossible to make any repairs to faulty devices. Most of these tools are easily affordable and available for purchase. Some of the tools include but are not limited to-Screwdriver, Tweezers, Spudger, Soldering iron, Multimeter, Adhesive tape, Magnifying lamp, Battery tester, LCD tester, Cleaning brush, etc.


Setting up where you can easily target your customers is very important as it determines how exposed your business is to the population, and how many customers you can pull in on a daily basis.

One of the best places to set up this kind of business is in close proximity to companies that specialize in phone sales, a place where mobile phone sales (both new and fairly used) are concentrated, and so on. This is because most people go around places where they get phones to make repairs when it develops a fault, and they feel it is a much safer environment for repairs.

If you have the proper training, you have the right tools and equipment, and your office is rightly located, you can rest assured that there is every possibility you get your phone repair business moving in the right direction.

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